Plantshed.com is an expert in tulip delivery as we hand deliver the arrangements, exactly as you see them on our website photographs. Virtually every color of tulips can be found in our collection. You can find arrangements with just tulips, multicolored or single-colored. You can also find arrangements with fresh tulips combined with other spectacular blooms such as roses, daisies, and calla lilies. Schedule a tulip delivery in NYC for any day of the week and receive FREE Manhattan deliveries for online orders over $100, NO HIDDEN FEES or strange charges. Exquisite quality selected flowers and the most reliable tulip delivery service in New York is what you will find when you order from us. We guarantee a fresh bouquet and a fascinated recipient!

Tulips are among the most popular flowers in the world. They have a great history as they have played an important role in the global economy and trade in the 17th century. Their history of cultivation as ornamental flowers for their colorful petals started ages ago, in the beautiful palaces of the Far East, where Kings and Sultans enjoyed their blossoming flower gardens. Famously, the Dutch introduced the cultivation of tulips in the western worlds and transformed these flowers as a global trade commodity. A frenzy of love for tulips led to the creation of the term ‘tulip mania’.Here at Plantshed, we select only the best quality blooms to include them in our hand-crafted arrangements. Our team finds the blooms with the most vibrant petal colors to make spectacular arrangements that always make it to our best sellers list!

Every tulip has its own symbolic meaning, send red for love and devotion, yellow for cheerful thought sand friendship, pink for happiness, purple for your king or queen and multihued blooms for almost every occasion.

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