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In the various occasions when you have to send a business gift, you can trust us to handle flower or plant deliveries in a reliable and professional way. Our team of trained flower designers has created a collection of special business gifting flowers, excellent for occasions where a gift has to be sent to a colleague or a co-worker. Our collection includes stylish and elegant modern floral creations made of beautiful and minimal flowers in appropriately formal containers like simple all-black ceramic vases or clear glass vases. The colors are professionally combined to have a great effect as the contrasting colors contradict each other and blooms are complimented by the surrounding green fillers and the unique containers. The act itself of gifting flowers is a generous and symbolic move, but in a corporate setting and a strictly professional environment, sending flowers as a gift is most of the times a very much standard procedure.

At, we have years of experience in professional gifting, and we can make any regular administrative flower gift look as spectacular and breathtaking as you would ever imagine it to be. You can make a difference and impress, show that you value your cooperation, appreciate hard work and are grateful for doing business with them. Apart from flowers, we offer a great variety of indoor plants that can be perfect business gifts. Business gifting flowers can also offer great solutions in many situations where such a move can open new doors and create new beginnings for necessary professional relationships. Orchid plants are among the most popular professional gifting choices. Small palms and ficus plants, succulents and cacti, and of course the elegant white phalaenopsis which is the ultimate gift for such occasions.

We deliver flowers and plants for professional and business gifts in all NYC boroughs, and we offer FREE Manhattan deliveries for online orders over $100 per location. Plantshed started as a local florist in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan and today is the most reliable online flower shop in New York City.

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