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Everybody makes mistakes but what’s important is to know how to make up for them by sending beautiful “I’m sorry flowers.” Here at Plantshed, we know how important relationships are. We also know that every relationship has its ups and its downs. We have the best flower options for any of these occasions. Browse this amazing collection of flower arrangements, specially made for situations when you need to apologize. Use our “I’m sorry” flowers to win trust, respect, and love.

The most romantic way of sincerely apologizing and most beloved gift is nothing more than a handcrafted flower arrangement from this unique collection. Our online checkout systems offers a fast and reliable way for you to schedule a same-day "I'm sorry" flower delivery in NYC and get your flowers hand-delivered to the recipient’s door. The flower arrangement will arrive exactly as you see it on the website, not in an ugly box and without useless packaging material. The recipient will be thrilled by the beauty of the blooms and the combinations of colors. Amazed by the elegance of the container and the artfully created pattern of fresh blossoms, they are sure to forgive you!

Large, deep red roses combined with colorful tulips, daisies or calla lilies are just a few of the flowers you will encounter in this collection. Lisianthus, peonies, birds of paradise and cymbidium orchid heads are also among the top quality fresh-cut flowers we use to handcraft these arrangements. Small indoor plants like a breathtaking multicolored mini orchid plant or a rare fern, cute blooming calandivas, cacti and succulents also make exemplary choices for gifts to say you are sorry. For more extravagant choices select arrangements with tens of large red roses or tall, spectacular creations with combinations of several different exotic flowers. Choose wisely, schedule a fast delivery and rest easy… your apologies will be accepted!

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