Retirement is an important time of everyone’s life. The start of a new period of one’s life has to be celebrated. Send a large bouquet of fresh retirement flowers to your colleague, parent or friend. Retirement is just the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. A long and fulfilling life of hard work and experiences is now being rewarded, and blossoming flowers are excellent symbols of brand new beginnings. We suggest a classic gift of colorful blooms in one of our select, collector’s containers. You may choose a rustic tin bucket, or a wooden box, a black tall Manhattan-style glass vase or a ceramic pot in various colors. You may also want to send a small blooming retirement plant that will arrive with instructions on how to take care of it.

Cute little succulents that are easy to maintain, hardy and resilient, or small popular cacti in beautiful containers work great as retirement plant gifts. Tulips, roses, hydrangeas and orchid blooms create amazing patterns of contrasting colors that resemble spectacular works of art. All of our arrangements are made by hand by our experienced designers. They are also hand delivered and will arrive at your door exactly as they appear on the website and ready to be displayed. Sending retirement flowers through is an excellent idea to show how much you care and celebrate this occasion in color and style.

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