Philodendron Pink Princess - Piccolo

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[ Pot Size: 4'' | Height: 6" - 8" ]
With bold pink patterned foliage, the Philodendron Pink Princess is a well-loved rare variegated plant.
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Philodendron Pink Princess - Piccolo

Philodendron erubescens

[ Pot Size: 4'' | Height: 6" - 8" ]
The Philodendron Pink Princess features round or oval dark-green to black leaves with hot-pink variegation and patterns. Philodendron Pink Princesses are generally prized for foliage that stands out in any setting! Growing beautiful new leaves monthly, the Philodendron Pink Princess is the perfect plant for spaces with bright indirect to low sunlight.

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  • Geographic Origin: Man-made hybrid
  • Features: Rare Plant, Unique Foliage
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Great For: Moderate Sunlight

Plant Care Guide


Prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate low light as well. Avoid direct sunlight. This kind of light provides the ideal lighting conditions for healthy growth and balanced variegation.



Prefers soil to partially dry out so check about once a week. Thrives in a moist environment with high humidity. Water less in winter when plant is dormant.


Level of Care

Easy! Just make sure the plant isn't in direct sunlight and don't overwater.


Air Purifying

The NASA Clean Air Study has ranked Philodendrons as one of the most efficient groups of houseplants that remove formaldehyde and other toxins from the air we breathe.



Feed with a mild liquid, indoor plant fertilizer about once a month during the growing season. Do not fertilize in winter.



Prefers warm conditions 65-80°F. Keep away from drafty windows and air conditioners.



A peaty All-Purpose potting soil with good drainage works best.


Pruning & Propagation

Prune damaged or yellow leaves by cutting to the stem base. To propagate, place stem cuttings with leaves in water until ready to repot.


Pet Friendly

Sorry! Plant contains very sharp calcium oxalate crystals that, when eaten, cause mouth and digestion irritation and possibly more serious problems.

Philodendron Pink Princess - Piccolo