Indoor Foliage Plants

Did you know that the average American spends almost 90% of his time indoors? Whether at home or in our offices, we spend most of our lives surrounded by four walls. Needless to mention that it is essential that we make our indoor environment as pleasant and healthy as possible. has an excellent solution to make your indoor space much more beautiful and comfortable and at the same time, make the air you breathe cleaner. Our collection of indoor foliage plants includes various popular indoor species that can grow their beautiful green leaves and thrive inside of buildings.

Indoor plants in NYC are particularly useful; as they help us, New Yorkers, escape from the stressful urban environment. Unique palms, ferns, zamiifolias, sansevierias, dracaenas, ficus plants and many others are included among the indoor plants NYC locals prefer. Here, you can browse through our collection, select the plants you want and schedule indoor plants delivery NYC in an easy and reliable way. Through our online checkout system, you can select the date and time-slot for the indoor plant delivery. You will also receive a FREE Manhattan delivery for online orders over $100 per location. Don’t forget to ask our expert personnel for care instructions and make sure to have the appropriate saucer for your indoor plant pot. Start beautifying your indoor environment now, and you will soon feel more comfortable and healthier as many of our indoor plants can effectively purify the air by removing toxic substances from the surrounding atmosphere.

Send indoor plants as spectacular gifts on every occasion. Be it a friend’s birthday, a professional situation, a retirement or a congratulatory gift, indoor plants are long living gifts that will stand as a reminder of how much you care. Plantshed is your trusted online florist in NYC and maintains the quality and love for plants of a local Upper West Side florist.

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