Orchid Plants

Orchid Plants

Unbeatable style and an elegant posture characterize these unique orchid plants. Only in Plantshed’s collection will you find such a variety of different orchids available for delivery in NYC and nationwide. The classic and beloved phalaenopsis is the ultimate gift that fits every occasion. White and minimal with spectacular blooms and shiny leaves the moth orchid can be sent as a gift to a friend, a coworker at the office, a family member or a loved one. Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to take care of and make excellent indoor plants. In an appropriate decorative container, like a ceramic pot or a shiny glass container, choose between single, double or triple stem orchids, with many flowers and even more buds ready to bloom. Our collection is one of the best in NYC and our prices are among the best you will ever find. Phalaenopsis, dendrobium, mokara, lady’s slippers, mini orchids and many other different kinds of spectacular orchid plants can be found in this category. The plants are matched with amazing containers that create a minimal or extravagant appearance.

Choose simple glass containers, round or square, to make the spectacular blooms stand out. Select a simple white or black ceramic pot, and make the plant match the surrounding environment and fit in your room. Sending an orchid is appropriate for every occasion. In a situation where you find it hard to decide what to send as a gift, the orchid is the way to go! Everyone loves these plants and your gift will be appreciated. Orchids are excellent professional gifts, for your colleagues at the office, your supervisor, or your valued partners. They also make amazing romantic gifts, suitable for an anniversary or any other romantic situation. Friends will also be delighted by an orchid gift, so shop now and schedule a delivery for them. Decorate your living room, or prepare for an event, dinner or party with spectacular decorations made with breathtaking, blooming phalaenopsis and surprise your guests. We proudly offer same day orchid plants delivery NYC.

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