Dominated by contemporary design, European modern art and British style, the London flower collection is one of Plantshed’s most popular collections. It includes arrangements that carry an air of the English megalopolis and remind us of the elegance and modernity of the great city of London. Our London flower collection features minimal floral creations with spectacular shapes and shades.

This category includes amazing flower creations with top quality blooms in excellent vases mostly made of glass and ceramic. Inspired by the vibrant modern life of London and its imperial and royal history, these hand-crafted creations are made with extra care and carefully selected fresh blooms. As a decorative idea, these amazing flowers give a much-needed tone of beauty and elegance to their surrounding space. Excellent gifts to say “thank you” or “I am sorry” but also stunning birthday presents and great exemplary business gifts. Gifting one of our London flower collection arrangements will happily surprise the recipient, and these amazing gifts will be unique and spectacular, unlike any other flower arrangement you have ever seen.

Select a few of the beautiful arrangements and schedule a delivery through our reliable system, today. Close your eyes and picture the river Thames flowing through the Metropolitan area of the British capital. Great palaces symbolizing British monarchy, contradicted by glass and steel skyscrapers at the financial center of the City. The spectacular contradiction between amazing colors and shapes of spectacular flower blooms and the simple style of the modern containers is exactly what you will find in the London category. Find tulips, lilies, and orchids, or multicolored arrangements, inspired by the royal gardens of Buckingham or Kensington palaces. Be it large orange callas in unique clear, glass vases or a combination of fresh hydrangeas, anemones, and roses, a London flower arrangement is sure to impress!

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