The Manhattan flower collection is one of our most popular categories. It features stylish modern flower creations made by hand by expert designers who draw their inspiration from the most popular borough of NYC. Sharp and minimal like the tall Freedom tower; symbolic and characteristic, like the Empire State building; beautiful and complex, like the Chrysler building. The characteristic skyline of New York City is portrayed through our amazing flower arrangements. Black ceramic vases, rectangular or cylindrical, represent the tall busy blocks of Midtown and Wall Street. Sparkling, colorful blooms appear through the simple vases creating amazing images of contemporary and modern scenery that seems like it came out of the Metropolitan Museum, MoMA or Whitney.

The Manhattan flower collection contains within its arrangements the wild beauty of Central Park and the astonishing bustle of Downtown Manhattan. The glistening waves at the mighty Hudson River and the monumental design of Brooklyn Bridge are reflected through the fascinating colors and shapes that make arrangements in our Manhattan flower collection some of our most popular best sellers. In shades of deep red, pink, yellow or multicolored, these flowers will satisfy even the most demanding recipient. Excellent gifts for all of us who love and adore the Big Apple. Use these flowers as beautiful decorations for every room in your house and office. They arrive hand-delivered, exactly as you see them on the website; be prepared for awe and marvel when a tall black vase with stunning deep red roses, surrounded by fresh green leaves, arrives at your door.

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