Single Easter Lily in Clay Pot (8'')


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[ Pot Size: 8" | 28'' - 32'' tall ]
A fragrant and stunning holiday display, the Easter Lily is a symbol of new beginnings.
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Single Easter Lily in Clay Pot (8'')

Lilium longiflorum

[ Pot Size: 8" | 28'' - 32'' tall ]
The Easter Lily features large, trumpet-shaped white flowers that have a powerful sweet fragrance. In Christian tradition, the Easter Lily symbolizes resurrection and a new beginning, making it a favorite for church services in the Spring. For best growing results, place the Easter Lily out of direct sunlight to ensure blooms do not wilt prematurely. Here, a single Easter Lily is planted in an 8" terra cotta pot with a green moss soil cover.

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  • Geographic Origin: Eastern Asia
  • Features: Large flowers; Symbolic meaning
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Great For: Indirect Sunlight

Plant Care Guide


Bright indirect light is best. Flowers will wilt in direct sunlight. Plants have a tendency to lean towards the sunlight, so rotate every few days to maintain upright habit.



Allow top inch of soil to dry before watering so check about twice a week. Do not allow plant to sit in standing water, as this may cause rot to form. To improve humidity, set on a tray of pebbles and water.


Level of Care

Easy! Just water regularly and place out of direct sunlight.


Air Purifying

Easter Lilies remove toxins that can build up in indoor spaces. A general rule of thumb is 1 medium houseplant per 100 square feet of space effectively cleans the air we breathe.



Potted lilies that are blooming should not be fertilized. If transplanted outdoors, starting next Spring provide slow-release balanced fertilizer once or twice a year.



Cool daytime temperatures 60-65°F will make the plant and flowers last longer. Do not place next to a heater.



Repot in well-draining All-Purpose potting soil. After there is no threat of frost, Easter Lilies can be planted outside with their bulbs 3 inches below the soil surface.


Pruning & Propagation

Remove the pollen-covered anthers to prolong the flower life and keep it clean of yellow dust. Cut off flowers as they wilt to maintain appearance. Must be propagated by seed.


Pet Friendly

Sorry! Easter Lilies are toxic if consumed by pets and a vet should be consulted immediately.