Spider Plant - Piccolo

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[ Pot Size: 6'' | Height: 10" - 14" ]
With variegated sword-shaped leaves, Spider Plant thrives in spaces with bright indirect sunlight.
  • 4'' Spider Plant
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Spider Plant - Piccolo

Chlorophytum comosum

[ Pot Size: 4'' | Height: 10" - 14" ]
The Spider Plant features variegated sword-shaped leaves that are particularly attractive in hanging containers. During warmer weather in the spring, Spider Plants will often produce white flowers on long stems that will turn into baby offsets, also called spiderettes. These babies can be easily removed by simply cutting them from the stem so they can be planted. Native to the tropics, the Spider Plant will thrive in warm conditions with bright indirect sunlight.

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  • Geographic Origin: Southern Africa
  • Features: Pet-Friendly
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Great For: Bright Sunlight

Plant Care Guide


Requires bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunbeams hitting the leaves.



Prefers soil to partially dry out between waterings so check about once a week.


Level of Care

Easy! Just avoid direct sunlight and water regularly.


Air Purifying

The NASA Clean Air Study has ranked the Spider Plant as one of the most efficient houseplants that remove toxins from the air we breathe.



Feed with a mild liquid, indoor plant fertilizer about once a month during the growing season. Do not fertilize in winter.



Prefers warm conditions above 50°F. Keep away from drafty windows and air conditioners.



A peaty All-Purpose potting soil with good drainage works best. Prefers being slightly pot-bound so only repot when roots are highly visible.


Pruning & Propagation

Prune yellow or damaged leaves (which are common outside of greenhouse settings) down to stem. To propagate, divide parent plant and repot, or separate spiderettes from parent plant and repot.


Pet Friendly

Yes! Spider Plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats.

Spider Plant - Piccolo