Spread the Love

Ladies and gentlemen, what a year. At times it can feel like were suffocating in an atmosphere of increased hate and ugliness. Let’s fight it with acts of kindness - beautiful flowers and meaningful gestures.

Get flowers for your friend who’s going through mid-winter blues.

Get flowers for your neighbor who’s smile always brightens the day.

Get flowers for your mother who was so excited to see the glass ceiling break, only to see it reinforced with a bullet proof veneer.

Get flowers for your Dad who has always gotten them for your mom.

Get flowers for your dog who can’t even see them because she’s color blind.

Get flowers for yourself!

Flowers can be for anyone and from anyone.
So don’t forget, boys love flowers too. Let them boast through hyacinths and tulips about the great girlfriend, boyfriend or wife in their life.
It’s 2018, time to expand to include spreading love in ways John Lennon sang about. This Valentine’s Day, get flowers for the person who’d appreciate the gift and never expect it. Get flowers for someone who will be so awed at the sight of it, it’ll be sure to make their day.

And for those of you getting flowers for your girlfriends and wives … that’s great too!
Be the man of her dreams by getting her the blooms she deserves. Or spring for a pre-emptive arrangement to soften future discrepancies.

We’re painting the town red with roses and ranunculus. Little gestures to knit the relationships in your life closer together. This year, spread the love.