Looking to grow your knowledge base around plants and flowers? Join us in our design-centric workshops where we cover the basics and beyond. Our classes cover native climates, watering techniques, proper fertilization and more! We always include a Q&A portion, so bring us your questions! Taught by industry leading horticulturalists, floral and interior designers and industry influencers–we offer intimate and enjoyable experiences that will expand your knowledge around plants and flowers. We also offer private workshops for a minimum of 3 individuals with your choice of topic.

Following our workshops, we offer exclusive store-wide shopping discounts for attendees, which provide a private and intimate way to make the most of your workshop experience. All materials are provided for you and most workshops feature hands-on activities with unique products that you get to bring home. Check out our upcoming workshop schedule and sign up today!

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS [All are held at PlantShed Cafe: 555 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10024]:

- NYC Apartment Plant Styling [ June 20th | 7pm - 9pm ] - Read More | Buy a Ticket


- Succulent & Crystal Terrarium [ June 6th | 7pm - 9pm ] - Read More

- Indoor Plant Care 101 [ May 30th | 7pm - 9pm ] - Read More

- Propagation by Hilton Carter [ May 19th | 10am - 12pm ] - Read More