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Chive Collection
  • February 23rd, 2015
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Chive Collection

Author: Adrianna C.

We are so excited to announce the debut of our new Chive collection. The ceramic and glass plant container solutions from Chive are very chic and simple designs to highlight the unique beauty of your cacti, succulents and floral arrangements. Their designs are fresh, contemporary and full of bright, glossy color. We have partnered with Chive and their unique containers because they last long after the flowers or plants they’ve held. These colorful pieces of design and utility are wonderful additions to the decor on your desk, shelves, or windowsills. Your plants and/or flowers will instantly have more character in these exceptional, high-quality containers. Arrange a flower in each bud of the quirky and colorful Pooley 2 vase for a one-of-a-kind floral design. Mix and match various species of small cacti or succulents in the Fang, Svek and Mead planters and group them together on a window sill.

The Chive collection is a smart gifting idea or a great way to decorate small spaces. Many NYC apartments and offices don't allow much room for larger lush indoor green foliage plants or trees. This is the number 1 reason why these simple planters are perfect for adding a little green into your space. If you find that you don't have much counter space, check out our Ragna succulent arrangements. Ragna is a line of colorful hanging all-purpose plant containers with 22” of airline cable so you can suspend them from anywhere in your home. Because succulents and cacti need rocks for proper drainage, the cable is hanging on a heavy duty nut and bolt; so you need not worry about your arrangement tipping over and making a mess. As an added bonus, you can remove the cable and set your planter on a windowsill. Not a fan of the bright orange? Try out our Chive - Wall Brick planter in a cool and relaxed cobalt blue.

More partial to flower arrangements? Most of the containers used in our Chive collection can also be used for fresh cut flowers. Our feature arrangement is called The Pill, for it's incredible resemblance to a capsule. This glass and ceramic planter comes in bright orange or muted grey, and can be filled with green plants, or with succulents. If you're tight on space, check out our Chive Mini Pill that is about half the size and half of the price of the full sized Chive Pill. An arrangement of roses in a single color in the Pooley 2 vase will make quite the statement on a small nightstand or bookcase. If you have purchased or recieved one of our 'Ragna' or 'Wall Brick' succulent arrangements and are looking to reuse the container for flowers, you can place a block of flower Oasis inside and arrange the flowers accordingly.


Shop the all new Chive Collection now, and brighten up your space with cacti, succulents, or green plants paired with modern glass and ceramic containers.