Plants are an essential part of indoor and outdoor decorations. Every home and every office need the addition of a fresh decorative tone that only a plant can bring. Here at, we specialize in indoor foliage and blooming plants that can make your home more beautiful and your everyday life more relaxing and pleasurable. When you or your friends move to a new place, one of the first things you always think about is what decoration you should use. has a large variety of housewarming plants and housewarming flowers for you to send to your friends and congratulate them for their new house or to buy for yourself and make you personal space unique and comfortable. Excellent gifts for housewarming plants include blooming plants or indoor foliage plants. You may also wish to send orchid plants, succulents or cacti that are spectacular and popular choices and require little care and low maintenance with scarce watering.

Congratulate your loved ones with a housewarming gift by sending them an indoor plant that purifies the air! Several species of dracaenas, spider plants and snake plants, aloes and other can improve indoor air quality by filtering out toxic pollutants. Indoor blooming plants are also amazing housewarming flowers. Given proper care and love, blooming plants will reward their owner with colorful blossoms nature’s creating eye-catching decorations inside the house. Plantshed is an expert in plants and flowers in NYC and has started as a local florist in the Upper West side of Manhattan. Today our online flower shop offers the most reliable flower and plant hand-delivery services in the City of New York. Freshness and high quality is guaranteed, and we also offer FREE Manhattan deliveries for online orders over $100 per location. Schedule a delivery now and choose a specific date and time.

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