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We go Green!

We go Green!

Author: Jenny Cabido

We live in a really important time right now where we as humans realize the impact of our day to day living and how it affects the world at large. Plant Shed – New York Flowers is proud of its conscience effort of being ''green'' by not using artificial lights on our plants and always walking our deliveries whenever possible. We have a greenhouse on top of our 5 story building that hosts our remarkable plant life and passionate employees who treat it as their personal garden.

To be in this business as long as Plant Shed – New York Flowers has (35 years!) you have to have a great love for horticulture and a deep respect for the environment. This isn’t just a business for us; it’s a lifestyle. We have experts who are always available to visit your home or office and help you create a little green space for you or an associate.

Whether it’s decorating for an event, doing an install in a temporary space or designing your terrace or balcony, we have passionate plant lovers who are excited to design and care for your garden.

And by the way, the next time you see a guy walking around the Upper West Side with the most beautiful floral arrangement you’ve ever seen, say “hi” because he is probably one of ours.