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The Perfect Passover Flowers for Your Seder Table

The Perfect Passover Flowers for Your Seder Table

Author: J.R.

Passover begins this Friday and many will be preparing a Seder feast. This year, start a new tradition and incorporate a fresh floral arrangement at your holiday table. Large fresh floral arrangements or smaller floral accents can be a special addition to your table during this sacred holiday.

The best floral arrangement to grace the table of a meal shared by family and friends is one that 1. is not too tall; and 2. doesn’t have a fragrance.

Height: Have you ever sat down to eat with a group only to find that a tall floral arrangement is blocking your view of people? The best arrangement for a dining table is no taller than 10-12” so that you and everybody else can easily see one another and have a conversation without having to stretch or lean.

Fragrance: Another criteria for dining table arrangements is that the flowers should have no scent. During meals, the aroma should be all about the food. Fragrant flowers can sometimes overpower a space, and since you will be in close proximity to them—perhaps just a few inches away from a plate or glass—it’s best that floral arrangements complement the decor but offer no fragrance to detract from the overall dining experience.

Below are a few of PlantShed’s floral arrangements that meet the criteria for dining table favorites and feature flowers that have no fragrance and are nice and low to the table.

Tropical Sorbet

TROPICAL SORBET  Eye-catching | Exotic

This arrangement we like not only because the soft pastel palette of colors, but also the eye-catching and unique flowers. Yellow-green cymbidium orchids and pink king protea will definitely make for a memorable addition to your holiday table.


Blue Diamonds

BLUE DIAMONDS Fresh | Elegant

Fresh cool blue tones are the highlight of one of our favorite arrangements for Passover. We like this arrangement mainly for the contrast between the delphiniums and the lisianthus. Check it out here.



EMILY Clean | Formal

We like how crisp and clean this is, perfect for more formal gatherings. White roses, lisianthus, and hydrangeas create a heavenly cloud with the soft dusty miller. Learn more about our best-selling arrangement Emily here.



PRISTINE Delicate | Lovely

This one—with its thoughtful arrangement of white roses surrounded by a ring of pink—communicates the care and attention brought to a Seder meal. Not only that, it’s also just pretty! Check it out here.



TOOTSIE Colorful | Lively

This one is fun and colorful, perfect for Spring. Thirty-five tulips in a mix of colors will set the backdrop for a nice relaxed gathering of family and friends. Learn more about this fun Spring arrangement here.