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Spring Is Here! Time To Play With Pastels

Spring Is Here! Time To Play With Pastels

Author: C. W.

There are few better ways to welcome spring than with flowers. Bright blooms have the potential to transform any day and brighten any room. While color options are plenty, pastels speak especially to the happy, soothing, and calming vibe of the season.

Soft shades of blue, pink, purple, peach and yellow all vie for attention without overwhelming any space. The beauty of pastels is that they serve as focal points, but aren’t overly dramatic or intense. That’s key during the season that’s all about renewal and sunshine. Here are some of the best choices to consider for your springtime arrangements.

Heaven Scent by Plantshed

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Known for its wonderful fragrance and distinctive bell shape, the hyacinth is easily one of the most eye-catching flowers available. Depending on your chosen color, it has several different meanings. Blue hyacinth, for example, reflects truth and sincerity, while purple expresses sorrow or regret. Meanwhile, the wonderfully joyous pink hyacinth captures the spirit of happiness and playfulness.


It's easy to see that waxflowers are reflective of enduring love, joy, and good fortune. Just a single glance at these starry-looking flowers is enough to bring a smile. They’re commonly used in springtime weddings and are traditionally found in shades of purple and pink. While you can find arrangements full of waxflowers, they also make lovely complements to roses and fresh greenery.


Few flowers resonate as well with spring as daisies. It’s among the most common flowers around, but it also happens to be one of the easiest to maintain. If you love a pretty pastel, consider an African daisy. It’s available in sweet shades of soft pink, yellow, and orange. The wonderfully eye-catching blue Marguerite daisy is another option. Its petals offer a sky blue and lavender medley, making it perfectly apt for the season. Gaillardia daisies are divine for their soft peach and yellow hues. Known as blanket flowers, they look especially striking in large bunches.

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Who doesn’t love receiving roses? While red typically evokes feelings of passion and romance, you can put pastel tones on display when you want to express a different sentiment. Lavender roses, for example, are reflective of royalty. They’re also perfect to give to someone who may one day be a life partner because they’re emblematic of love at first sight! Pale pink roses are symbolic of grace, joyfulness, and gratitude. Light blue roses are far rarer and are reflective of hope and peace.


Eternally associated with happiness, longevity, and love, the chrysanthemum is a versatile flower worthy of so many occasions. Its abundant appearance also makes it a showy and striking addition to any space. You may want to use violet mums during spring when you’re expressing your best wishes or want someone to get well soon. The pink mum is a must for showing your affection for someone special. Blue mums instill a sense of calm and tranquility.

Springtime is rife with stunning flower arrangements that celebrate the beauty of the season. While there’s always space for brighter hues, make some room for the soft pastels that bring a touch of calming beauty to your world.