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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her: Unique Flowers She Really Wants

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her: Unique Flowers She Really Wants

Author: C.W.

Put a little love in her heart this Valentine’s Day by surprising her with something she’s guaranteed to love! A beautiful bouquet is more than welcome on the universal day of adoration and affection. It’s representative of your special bond, and the right flowers can send a personalized message that lets her know exactly how much you care.


Eye Candy by Plantshed

One of our absolute favorites for the holiday is the Eye Candy floral arrangement. If ever there was a floral arrangement that lived up to its name, it’s this sweet selection of absolutely eye-popping, wow-worthy blooms. Red roses and anemones share the spotlight with pink ranunculus, all set against a bed of lush greenery to create a stunning composition that’s sure to delight. Obviously, it’s the little extra details that count, too—especially on Valentine’s Day. That’s why Eye Candy is lovingly nestled in a sleek white vase adorned with an inky red heart. The effect is soft, artisanal, and oh so gorgeous.


Purple Crush by Plantshed

If you’ve got a little crush, your secret is definitely safe with us. We’re just here to help you impress! That’s where our Purple Crush arrangement comes in and does all of the heavy lifting for you. Our lush bouquet is a feast for the senses, what with its wonderful collection of pink tulips mingling with purple hyacinths. Also in the mix: wax flowers and soft blue eucalyptus, which add sweetness and light to an arrangement that just radiates love in the best possible way! Naturally, it’s lovingly placed inside a sleek white ceramic vase etched with a darling hug and a kiss. Now that’s how to tell your crush you’re interested!


Love Expressions by Plantshed

You look at her and you’re mesmerized. “Breathtaking” often crosses your mind. In short, you’re completely smitten and you know just how fortunate you are to be with the love of your life. So it’s only fitting that something as brilliant as the Love Expressions bouquet make its way to her doorstep or her desk on Valentine’s Day. This show-stopping presentation includes 18 bright red roses, along with some fuchsia dianthus for a hint of contrast. Beautifully delicate, it’s the perfect choice for someone who continues to make your heart race even after all this time.


Giraffe Succulent Planter Set by Plantshed

She loves earthy colors. She’s all about natural beauty. She can’t resist a cute animal. There is no doubt she’ll fall in love with this Giraffe Succulent Planter Set! This darling duo is the kind of heartwarming surprise that will make anyone’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable. Each giraffe planter contains an array of fresh succulents—and each planter also happens to look downright stunning, from its meticulous attention to detail to its lavish gold finish that adds a little chic to the cute. They’re perfect for displaying on a desk or by her bedside!


Sweetheart Plant Set by Plantshed

Is she more of a plant person than a flower lover? That’s no problem—she can still enjoy our Sweetheart Plant Set without a second thought! The pairing includes two waxy, heart-shaped hoya plants that look adorable anywhere in the home. Best of all? These little treats are low-maintenance in every way. They perform well in any light and don’t require too much TLC. It’s a winning scenario all around.