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General Info

The bird of paradise, also known as the crane flower, is a perennial plant that originates from South Africa. This unique and beautiful flower is named as such because of it's resemblance of a bird in flight. The flower is composed of orange sepals and blue petals held inside green, pointed bracts. They are exceptional in their own arrangement or as an exotic addition to any floral display. These are typically used in large vase arrangements. Florists traditionally recommend gifting this flower for people celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary. In certain contexts this flower displays a faithfulness, freedom, liberty, and good perspective.

Care and Handling

  • Place your birds of paradise in room temperature water and mix with your florist recommended packet of flower food.
  • While the stems are still submerged under water, cut 1 inch off the bottom of the stems. This will allow the flowers to absorb more water. Make sure the cut is at an angle and done under water. We recommended making this cut underwater and at an angle to prevent any bubbles forming in the stems. Bubbles in the stems will prevent the flower from absorbing the water properly.
  • Strip off any leaves that will be submerged in the water. These leaves can will rot quickly and will cause the flower to wilt faster that usual.
  • Once the water turns yellow and cloudy, re-cut flower stems as stated earlier (1 inch cut, at an angle, under water), change the water, and add another round of flower food. Discolored water is a sign of bacteria developing, which is harmful to the flowers.
  • As the days go by, proceed to clip any wilting leaves or petals from the arrangement.

Average Lifespan

  • Birds of paradise typically last anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks with adequate care.
  • The crane flower's exotic origins lends to it's ability to thrive in hot and humid climates. If kept in the ideal temperature, (68°F-72°F), this flower can potentially last more than 2 weeks.
  • Aim to keep your soil moist from the months of March-October. Dry soil is preferred for the other months of the year.
  • If you have decided to grow your birds of paradise from a seedling, it is very common to see the first flower bloom within 3-5 years.

Seasonal Availability

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Quick Guide

Symbolism: Liberty, Magnificence, Good Perspective
Native Origin: South Africa
Blooming Season: September - May
Average Life: 1-2 Weeks