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Lisianthus are annual plants that have large funnel shaped flowers growing on long straight stems that you can find growing in grasslands. They bloom in summer and are long lasting flowers. Their delicate petals come in a variety of colors and shades, from pure white, to soft pink, to deep purples and even bi-colored petals. Their petals are wide and ruffled while their sepals are much smaller in comparison. These the garden variety of these beautiful stems can grow grow 18-30 inches tall, although some dwarf varieties, only 6-8 inches tall, are also available. The scientific name of the Lisianthus is Eustoma grandiflorum from the Greek, Eu-, meaning beautiful, good, well, and stoma, meaning mouth, in reference to the beautiful corolla (petal) throat.

Care and Handling

  • Remove any dirt or wilted leaves with pruning shears
  • Recut approximately one inch from the bottom of the stems while the stems are under room temperature water.
  • All containers used to store your flowers, (glass/ceramic vases, jars, etc.) as well as flower care tools (pruning clippers, knives) must be clean and bacteria free. Ideal cleaning agents such as Chrysal and/or Floralife are preferred over the traditional method of cleaning with bleach, however, using bleach is a fine alternative.
  • Place your flower arrangement in room temperature water with a fresh flower food solution. Be sure to follow your florist's directions, for improper dosage of flower preservative can cause damage to your Lisianthus.
  • A mixture of sugar (3 teaspoons) and bleach (1 teaspoon) per gallon of water works best for retaining your flower's color and maximizes vase life.
  • Change your water solution regularly (once a day). Leaving your flowers in stale water will cause the petals to wilt faster than normally.
  • Be sure to clip away any wilting leaves. If they happen to fall in the water solution, they can rot and be damaging to the floral arrangement.

Average Lifespan

  • The average vase life of fresh cut Lisianthus lasts anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • It is possible for your Lisianthus to live longer with supplements such as flower preservative or sugar-water solution.

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Quick Guide

Symbolism: Elegance, Grace, Timeless
Native Origin: Southern USA, Mexico, Caribbean, South America
Blooming Season: Early Summer
Average Life: 10 days to 2 Weeks